autistic trans minor

i fucking LOVE squirrelflight

hi!! i'm marshie and i'm an autistic trans man. im a minor and i use he/they/kit pronouns!!
i'm transgender, polyamorous (i am capable and happy to be in a mono relationship, as i am right now; we aren't looking for more partners), and pomo angled aroace!!

i would also like to make note:
i was not always a good person. hell, up until just november of 2021 i didn't think too hard about my actions and i've hurt a lot of people. i am trying to be a better person now. i'm working on apologizing to the people i hurt and hopefully even making them my friends again. we all did stupid shit because we were little, but i want to take accountability of my actions.
i also want to make note that i previously believed i was a system and acted accordingly, getting therapy to help this, but with therapy i found that i am not a system. there are comments in places on my accounts where i claim to be a system, and i would like to make sure it is known that i am not. this does not mean that i do not have trauma or was intentionally faking osdd, i was simply misinformed.

i'm a furry animator and my two real main ocs are cocoa (NOT a fursona) and juniper, though i do have ocs that i rank very close to them. my ocs are my life and soul and i wouldn't be at my current level of art without them!!

i love love LOVE
-my friends
-percy jackson
-steven universe
-warrior cats
-wings of fire
literally feel free to talk to me about anything (including vents, my dms are always open), but ESPECIALLY these!!

this isn't really a trigger list, but more like topics i'd like to avoid
please if you can help it DON'T talk to me about
-my past if you're a stranger
-car crashes
-animal deaths unless fictional
-kittydog/sashley dislike (just avoid talking abt them altogether around me if you have an issue with them)
-my weight
-sexual topics IF we're not close

additionally, please DNI if any of the following applies to you
-transphobe, racist, homophobe, bigot in general
-endogenic system
-fakeclaim systems for any reason (including endos)/make fun of kids "faking disorders" online
-creepshow art supporter
-harass people for mistakes they made in their past that they have grown past and worked to fix (see above; directed at creepshow art)
-make kys jokes you're not funny (unless youre kap youre actually very funny)
-greenflame shipper theyre brothers get out

kins!! bolded are IDs and italicized are high kins
-kai (ninjago)
-lloyd (ninjago)
-pixal (ninjago)
-benny (the lego movie)
-twilight sparkle (my little pony)
-rainbow dash (my little pony)
-gordon freeman (half life vr but the ai is self aware)
-ralsei (deltarune)
-berdly (deltarune)
-sans (undertale)
-undyne (undertale)
-squirrelflight (warrior cats)
-hollyleaf (warrior cats)
-jayfeather (warrior cats)
-mothwing (warrior cats)
-ravenpaw (warrior cats)
-glory (wings of fire)
-sundew (wings of fire)
-peridot (steven universe)
-ruby (steven universe)
-pearl (steven universe)
-pink diamond (steven universe)
-connor murphy (dear evan hansen)
-jared kleinman (dear evan hansen)
-sayori (doki doki literature club)


this is for my friends youre all so cool and ily SO fucking much i wouldnt be anywhere without you guys and you mean the world to me i mean it
-jay /r
-scarlet alt carrd
-jay (a different one)

ask to be added and if u guys have a carrd dm me with the link!! (if i know you have a carrd and it's not here i'm just too lazy to get it, dm me with the link)

i don't have socials other than these